We have a total of 7 aircarfts
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Airline Flight No# Pilot in Command Departure Arrival Aircraft
DLH DLH411 Bennet Sonnenberg KJFK EDDM A340-642 (D-AIHU)
VIR VIR539 (1) Ian Place EGLL KORD 787-9 (G-VFAN)
SHT SHT1325 (4) Michael Gow EGNT EGLL A320-232 (G-EUUE)
QFA QFA10 (A) Jacob Dixon EGLL YPPH 787-9 (VH-ZNF)
CFG CFG3851 Jamaal Brathwaite TBPB EDDF A330-941 (D-ANRL)
CFG CFG3850 Jamaal Brathwaite EDDF TBPB A330-941 (D-ANRL)
UAL UAL1249 (1) Rafal Lozinski KLGA KORD A319-131 (N820UA)