About Us

We nurtured the passion for details, which most of the time make the difference.

Who are we?

We are a community of pilots who love to fly. We totally understand the "Realistic" place for virtual Airlines that require strict procedures and constant monitoring of adherence to define schedules and aircraft assignments but we are also a a huge fan of "simple, fun and enjoyable flying experience". Turn on the computer, pick a flight, fly the flight plan, land well and file a PIREP all good and fun.

Why did we start?

We all know that what we do is a dedicated hobby that uses flight simulation to model the operations of an airline. We are a stand-alone non-profit virtual organisation of flight simulation enthusiast.

A group of friends with the common interest in promoting enjoyment and education through simulation through the use of operating standards within several flight simulation platforms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our pilots and users with a top tier platform to perform their tasks and to create a suitable environment to have a clean, simple and a joyful experience of flight simulation.

A mission without a plan is a disaster. Our weekly, monthly, yearly goals help us to propel and progress in the limitless space of perfection.

Our Vision

A place with a well-built relationship and an empire of top guns with the thirst to fly is what we dream of. Our vision takes a lot of time but we know we can achieve it with the help of our reliable staff that help us to move forward every day.

Powered by the best technology in the VA industry

We are powered by icrewsystems, who have been the maestros at making super-powerful websites for VAs round the globe. Have a look at what keeps them apart from the others.

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Cloud Development.

All of our projects are based on Cloud Infrastructure. Which means, we can help your local development team collaborate in realtime, from anywhere in the world.

Modern Technology.

Our projects are packed with Modern technologies like Laravel, Ionic, TailwindCSS and Bootstrap making it easier to udpate & scale up without any hassle.

Enhance and Security.

Big or Small, Hobby or Professional, each project is valuable to us. All of our projects are equipped with maximum encryption for end-user protection.

What are we made of?

Only the best!

Our IT infrastructure is powered by advanced technologies which are driven by one goal, which is to make the user experience better.

Wise words!

At VIR Virtual, our goal is to be one of the best virtual airlines in the flight sim community, to provide high quality platform for the flight simmers to experience. Ultimately, we hope to attract more and more people to join in this community to enjoy flying. We deserve to have a great virtual airline around the world. We spent lots of resources to get our infrastructure, including the finest virtual airlines system, iCrew V4, smartacars and a brilliant web site. On behalf of VIR Virtual, we are happy to having you to join in our virtual airline.
Enjoy your flight ✈

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